I would hate to be the child of this “woman”

lifesite.net has a article on how a Scottish “woman” is suing an abortionist for failing to kill both of her twins. The child that survived the attempted murder is now 4 years old. I would hate to be that poor child, I can image how the “mother” probably continues to remind that poor child that she was not wanted and that she is a “financial burden” I would say that that “woman” should have her child taken from her and placed in a real loving home, the “woman” is an unfit mother, for 1) trying to kill her child before birth 2) saying the child is “financial burden”. A child is a beautiful gift from God not a “financial burden” if this “woman” thinks her daughter is a “financial burden” and tried to kill her before birth that shows she is an unfit mother.

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Published on: December 8, 2005

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