Update on the ill Tetra

I can not sleep right now, but now the Tetra has stopped laying on the bottom of the tank on the sand (see this post for more info, and if you can offer more infomation please let me know), but now has stated to swim around, not much since the lights are out, but at lest he is not laying on the sand anymore. I have decided to try some medication on my baby a product called “MelaFix” it says it works on “Fin & tail rot; open red sores; open body wounds; eye cloud, pop eye, body slime; and mouth fungus” And I think what is wrong is just an open body wound. I hope he gets better soon so I can put him back in the tank with the other fish, what ever he has I hope it is not contagious then I might have other problems in the future with the other Red Eyed Tetras.

I think I am beginning to know how a parent feels when they stay up all night with a sick child.

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Published on: September 14, 2005

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  1. mdmhvonpa says:

    Fish woes … been there.

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