Thanks to the fine people at W5YI VEC group, my last name is finally correct in the FCC database

I finally got my last name fixed in the FCC database. It now reads the correct spelling of the last name. It has not hit QRZ’s web site as of today, but I was informed that by the W5YI-VEC Dept that it is in the FCC database, and they said I can take a look in the FCC database direct to see it. But in a few days QRZ will have my last name spelled the correct way, I am now very happy that the FCC database has the correct spelling of my last name. Maybe I am being petty about it, but I kind of like how my name is spelled “Michael P. O’Connor” (and for those that are interested my middle name is Patrick, yes I have good Irish name.)

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Published on: September 14, 2005

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