Short wave radio and scanning recording

I am working on finding a good way to record the stuff I listen to off of the short wave radio. and off of the scanner. So far I have tried GarageBand but that has a limit of 1 hour and fifteen minutes. Right now I am trying a program called AudaCity, if it works well, I might post some of the short wave stations that I listen to, I also have to get a converter for the earphone jack on the radio, it has the older style. Also another project I am going to look into (out side of the SWlogger program I am working on) is to build a cable to go between my computers sound card and the Icom 2100. There are some programs out there that will let you use a computer as a TNC. I am hoping to play with packet radio when I build it. I have built a cable before to go between a miniTNC and the Icom 2100 before. The problem the miniTNC was that it only worked with the proprietary program and it only ran on DOS

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Published on: August 23, 2005

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  1. Deeply Shrouded says:

    Found your site while googling for Icom 2100H software.
    I saw your comment about finding software that will record output from a radio. You might want to look into a program called Scanner Recorder. It will record to hard drive capacity, also, it will not record the long silences between transmissions.

    –KD7YVV, Kirkland, WA

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