SCOTUS Aftermath is running an entry about the bad call of the SCOTUS’s bad ruling on steal land of the government from private people. That ruling was so horrible, Rush Limbaugh spent a whole show bad mouthing the ruling. Now the Government is now just punishing the people for fighting the attempt of the Government from stealing their land. Now the government says they will get paid only the market value of the homes of 2000, so the people will not be able to get a similar homestead, and then the government that is trying to steal their land also wants to charge them back rent for living on “government land” BoBo Blogger is calling for a boycott of Pfizer Inc, I wish him luck and I will try to help out with the boycott too, apparently Pfizer Inc is the company that is to get the land.
Yes I use the language of the government stealing the land of these people because the government can not take land to give to another private company, they only reason the government should be permitted to take land is for the public good, and for that land to be used by the public, not private companies, and there should be strong regulations to prevent the government from taking peoples land in the first place.

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Published on: August 17, 2005

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