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The other day I picked up miscellaneous plugs from Radio shack the other day. I plan on building a cable to go from my computer to my Icom 2100H radio. Also I am going to try setup a packet station. I will not be on all the time like some other stations would be, but I want to play with it. If you are in Pittsburgh and know of any good packet station I can connect to, please leave a message that includes the station callsign and Freq. I should be up and running by the end of the weekend. Also I should note that the stations should be on 2 meters.

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Published on: August 24, 2005

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  1. Matt Maxwell says:

    Its not really a comment but more of a question.. I wanted to know if you actually made that cable and if sooo If you could fill me in on how it connects on the computer side of it. More so meaning which wires go with which pins. Let it be known that i dont have my ICOM yet im getting it on friday and i reallly have no idea what im talking about I have a yeasu ft 8800 and im making a programming cable for it and its KILLING me trying to figure out which wires go to what pins any way if you could help out at all that would be great if not thanks anyway.. oh yea I LOVED THOSE QUIZES

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