Great news, I just read over at one of my favorit blog: amniotic epithelial cells — or the “need” for embryonic stem cells is now gone

PowerBlog has a entry that UPMC found a cell that works like a embryonic stem cells with out the destruction of a unborn baby. Also let me note here I was never against stem cell research, I was just against embryonic stem cell research, I was all for adult stem cell research. But now we have a new cell called amniotic epithelial cells. And since these cell do not involve the creation and then the destruction of a human baby, I am all for this. Also for those of you who like a “real” news source here is the Tribune Review’s article on it. I say lets go full speed ahead on amniotic epithelial cell research. I say this is great news for all.

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Published on: August 5, 2005

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