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Published on: July 16, 2005

I am getting tired of idiot drivers passing way to close when I am biking, read that as less then a foot to spare. Aggressive drivers yelling at me to “get off the road”. I have had cases where when I am going the speed limit I will take the lane, as it is called, which by Pennsylvania law I am to do, and people will come speeding up behind me and lay on the horn, drive on the wrong side of the road to pass me. When I bike I have my cell phone on me all the time, and at times I will catch up with them at the next red light. I have setup a photo blog, it will have pictures of the offending drivers’ plates. I hope I don’t have to update that thing to often, but this will be a record of bad drivers in the Pittsburgh area. Be they car, SUV, truck (or as my mom would call the BIG RED ones, a replacement for a missing male organ) or bus. I have 2 pictures on it already.

  1. Yvonne Kuphal says:

    I think your idea is great about taking pictures of license plates when the car drivers try to intimidate you. They are acting like immature bullies!

  2. Kris Moorhen says:

    My sisters husband is a real menice on the road verry impatcient takes to many chances he scares me his names Mick frost of Southwick UK.He jumps rd lights awfull driver name and shame

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