Cameras and lighting.

Tonight I tried to take some pictures of my aquarium but I could not get any good lighting for it. I have the normal light for the tank, then I put around it 2 of my lamps and that still was not enough light, the camera was saying it needed 1/8 of a second for the shutter speed, I went into my closet where I had a 150w bulb and put that in my lamp. That helped a bit but still the camera wanted 1/10 of a second for the shutter speed. I would like to gets some good pictures of my fish but I just need to figure out how to get more light into the tank, I might have to want till spring and summer when the sun is higher in the sky and might shed more light into my apartment that I might get to use. But for now I got some OK pictures of my tank, they are not great since the shutter was open for such a long time and the fish moved during that time.

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Published on: January 4, 2005

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