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I have notices most video games, well at lest the games I have looked at, are now quest based games. Have the old, 2d scrolling games gone out of fashion? I am not saying the new games are bad, but some times I do miss the older type games. I do have some of the older games. I have the Mario game for the original game boy. I also have some of the new retro Atari game sticks that they are now selling. The paddle one comes with my favorite Atari game, Circus Atari. I use to be so good at Circus Atari, but now, I am not quite that good anymore. But with time I should get back to my old skill level on it.

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Published on: December 31, 2004

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  1. Matthew Badger says:


    Scrolling games have gone out of fashion since the Super Nintendo was released to replace the N.E.S. The reason is simple computer science and economics. As memory got cheaper, games could maintain information about a larger enviroment. Nonetheless, I do share your nostalgia over the original Mario Brothers.



    PS: Merry Christmas! and Happy New Years!

  2. I do long for my good ol NES at times to.

    I need to get it back from my Grandpa.

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