I am working on killing the number of errors in the error logs

I have been working on killing some of the errors in my error logs. I have not put up 404’s and 403’s pages for every site I host here. So today, I just put up some simple 404 and 403 pages; I should have done that from day one. Plus I put a robot.txt file for each site I host here up. In 4 cases they are just empty files. I just have to make 4 more faviocon.ico files that should get rid of some more of the error messages in the logs. Once the favicon.ico files are done the error logs should be useful to me.

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Published on: November 5, 2004

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  1. I seen this way back in collage, it was a joke, there was no such thing as jesux (a christian version of linux)

    But the sad thing was it was a hoax made to make fun of Christians.

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