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In the age of blogging, their searches have returned some interesting stuff. Just today I was looking at a list of were people come from when they come to my web site. And one was from a search on google for banning Russian IP address. For some reason I was the 8th hit. It saw the entry on Banned IP address because of spammers, and it also saw on the side of the page a link to my friends blog “John in Russia”. I see some day google will move known blogs out of their main index and maybe setup a new index just for blogs. Also I would guess that maybe they will make it possible to search and remove blogs out of the results. I have had problems with my own blog showing up in searches I do, but it make sense I am searching for things I am interested in and my blog about them too. So it only make sense that I should find my own site on google when I search for stuff.

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Published on: October 21, 2004

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