I finally got my APT setup for the way I think might be the most optimal till I move in Dec. Sadly it took the falling apart of my sitting chair to help me find it. But I also brought my TV back out since I have gotten a Game Cube. Here are the pics that I have taken of my place.
So that is my home for now. I have to many things pluged in for this place, I have 6 6-plug adaptors and on 9-plug adaptor all in use, and only 2 of them have any spare ports on them for anything. I am just glad I don’t us AC, that would really be a major draw on the power I use. No I don’t pay for my Utilities, those are included in my rent, but I don’t think my apartment could take it if I had that with all the electronics that I have in this place.

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Published on: August 21, 2004

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