The net now and days

It is nice now that one can get all kinds of PHP programs for ones site, and all one has to worry about is providing content. I have just added a photo section to my web site ( and I donít have to worry about how to get the format now, all I have to is dump a bunch of them to the server and the program to batch add them to the albums. I partly miss the days where there were not as many prewritten tools, but when I look at what can be done now I am glad we are not in those days. The question now is what other nice programs are out there that I might want to put on my site. Yes I know that 2 new additions to my site (well not so new to this one, but new in the continual change of sites I have had were I have just moved it from one server to the next) are done at other sites that have free logins, but I rather do it on my own site, even if I donít know PHP and am using other people tools.

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Published on: July 16, 2004

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