How many Lutherans does it take to break into a car?

Well today we found it took 7 Lutherans, one being one of my Pastors. How you might ask, well I locked my keys in my car (ok so I had an id10t moment). Well it took seven of us to get in, and 2 hours. We used 2 coat hangers and 2 crowbars!! I am just glad that the car was on, or this would not have worked, we finally decided instead of unlocking the car with the coat hangers, we would open the window. So with me creating a gap between the car frame and the door with the 2 crowbars, pastor pushes the coat hanger to the window control, and opens the window, ya we get in.

So the short answer is 7, with 2 hours, 2 coat hangers, and 2 crowbars.

Hay I learned a new (useless) skill today. 😉

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Published on: July 11, 2004

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